Go from Field-to-Lab-to-Report with the Vibration Research’s portable data recorder, the ObserVR. Using the familiar VibrationVIEW software interface, test engineers and lab technicians can digitally record their field acceleration measurements directly their PC’s hard drive. The ObserVR’s features include

Long Waveforms

  • Up to four billion samples per channel;
  • Over 22 hours long at a 52,000Hz sampling rate;
  • Over 100 hours long at a 10,000Hz sampling rate; and
  • Over one year long at a 100Hz sampling rate.

USB connection  

Four simultaneously sampled A/D channels for high resolution

IEPE inputs powered with a 4mA current source

Analyzer software capabilities that include VR custom test modules such as:

  • Random Import to create a random test profile from collected waveform;
  • Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS) to create an accelerated life test from a collected waveform
  • Shock Transient Capture to collect triggered short time duration events
  • Shock Response Spectra (SRS) analysis.


Customer Service

At Vibration Research, we believe ongoing support is just as important as the initial purchase.  Ask about our:

  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Virtual live and on-demand education
  • Upgrades and support agreements
  • On-site and off-site training


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